In this tongue-in-cheek creative, we see a husband, who is lazing around in his house watching TV, gets scolded by his wife for his lethargy. Harrowed by the lockdown blues, the wife mocks the husband as if he was going to win a lottery prize. Just then the door bells rings. As the wife opens the door, she is pleasantly surprised to find a Dear Lotteries delivery man standing there holding a lottery ticket in his hand, asking for her husband.

A little bit of strategy and a whole lot of social media optimization goes a long way in creating a successful campaign.

In addition to providing the usual digital marketing services for the brand, we created a quirky, young and caring personality for the brand as we went along to appeal to our TG and keep them engaged. And it worked! We increased our follower base from 0 to 8k – organically!

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