SITUTATION: People in India shy away from Menstruation and Sanitary Pads. Pads are either wrapped in newspapers or hidden in plastic bags. With the release of the Hindi film Padman, New Feel Sanitary Pads spotted an opportunity to tell the world to stop being shy.

SOLUTION: New Feel made tickets look like sanitary pads with a message, 'Sharmane ki koi baat nahi' (there is no need to be shy).Movie goers acted reluctant at first, but soon they understood the message and walked with it into cinema halls.

New Feel extended this campaign by being the 1st sanitarypad brand to target men. With series of messages titled under #BanoPadman on social media, theater screens, selfies, and with celebrities joining the movement, New Feel achieved its goal of educating men to support and respect their womenin their sanitation chores.

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